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"Information architecture" is the organization of a website's structure and content, the labeling and categorizing of information, and the content design of navigation and search systems. Information Architects are the "librarians" of web development. Their aim is to help users find information and accomplish their tasks.

If the task you want users to accomplish is to buy something from you, you don't want a librarian. You want a marketer — as the role of a marketer is to provide information to your customers to help your business accomplish its task: earning a profit.

A marketing-oriented information architect has powerful information for improving a website's information architecture:

Search Engine Traffic Data
What search words and phrases are people using that describe or relate to the offer?

Search Engine Advertising Data
What search words and phrases result in clicks? Which of these result in sales, leads, clicks on advertising, or longer time spent on the site?

Web Log Data
When users visit the site, where do they go, what do they do, and where did they come from?

Financial Data
What products and services are the most profitable? What kinds of customers are the most profitable? What products are the most expensive to advertise? What are the costs associated with handling online customers?

These data are typically not considered by non-marketing-oriented information architects, but they form the backbone of Aderit's information architecture consulting. But it is more than about data. It's about accomplishing your business's strategic, operational, and tactical objectives:

Business Strategy
What product lines does your business wish to emphasize? How does your business wish to be perceived?

Performance Metrics
How should the website be structured so that success is measurable?

Does your website speak in your customer's language or the language used by industry insiders?

Does your website provide the right kind of information -- in the right way - to convert prospects into customers?

Is your website designed so that you can identify which site visits lead to business success?

If these are questions that concern you, ask now for a free marketing assessment. We'll point out the major issues your website has that are keeping it from realizing its potential.

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